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kimgogh's Journal

doesn't know what life is about
14 November 1983
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The name is Kimberly.

I'm half Japanese, half American (caucasian or whatever...)

Live in Alabama for now. I would loooooove to move to Tokyo! But NYC will do for now! I need to meet a cute (rich? ha!) Japanese boy and marry him, THEN move to Tokyo! hahahahahaha! Maybe one of the members of News!!! tee hee! yeah right! all fangirls would hate me!!!!

Being half can be confusing at times, i don't know where i really fit into society here in alabama, and when i go to japan, i kinda stick out (i'm not skinny for one thing...) and i'm automatically popular because of my half-ness...
i love the good times i have with friends and i'll treasure the moments forever
japanese doramas always make me sad at the end, even if they have happy endings because i feel like i've missed out on a part of life (high school in japan is such a big part of life... i guess i was lucky to get to go one summer, but it was an all girl's school! boo!!!!)
overall, i'm a realitvely happy person! i stay cheerful no matter what, and i think some friends actually rely on that sometimes...
fireworks make me miss the beach in japan, unless i'm on the beach in japan doing them!!! hahahaha!

that's all for now! i'll add more later!