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i feel bad for...

this really old guy that carries around this contraption that connects to tubes that he breathes from at his nostrils keeps coming by for rick across the hall and misses him most of the time! and he just hobbles away... sooo sad!!!! he doesn't seem very nice though... 

  • mango was clean...

    but now he is not... why does it always rain after i wash him? hahahaha! there's road dirt and what not splashed all on the sides of him!

  • just a thought.

    if i were an animal, some one would put me out of my misery if i were wounded, right? what if you're like that rough, beat up raccoon that is…

  • i'll have one dokodemo door, please!

    i want to say i wish i hadn't this, or i wish i hadn't that... it seems like my life is full of regrets. it seems like i haven't lived a life that…

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